We Provide Quality

Professional Analysis

We help customers to save up to 50% of unnecessary maintenance and services costs with our thorough investigation and direct solution.

Experienced Engineer

Our team of qualified technicians specializing in the Air-Conditioning field will provide you with a complete service of installation and maintenance.


Supply Parts and Accessories

We provide parts and accessories that are tailored to your existing system for the purpose of upgrading or improving it.


We identify requirement of your Premise to provide high energy efficiency and save more cost.

  Spare Parts

We provide parts and accessories improving its energy efficiency with minimal cost.



With our experienced on-site Engineer, we offer professional and complete installation.


We maintain your air-cond system in a good condition to maintain high energy efficiency.

Our Services

Total Cooling Solution

At WORLD, we provide the services for all type of air-conditioner unit from 1.0 hp to more than 1000.0 hp, that is, Services & Maintenance, Repairing, Modification, Installation, Designing of New System, and Overhauling system.

Water / Air Cooled Chiller

Chillers are increasingly been used in manufacturing plants to provide a cooling process to the equipment in order to maximize the productivity. Larger facilities like hospitals, commercial buildings use chiller to decrease energy costing significantly.

Portable Air-Conditioner

We are the sole distributor for COPE brand portable air-conditioner at Malaysia. This product is elaborately designed and manufactured with advanced rotary sealed compressor, hydrophilic membrane inner thread and high efficient heat transmitter and exchanger etc and it has passed the test & inspection by related experts & departments.

Panel Air-Conditioner

We are also the sole distributor for COPE brand panel air-conditioner at Malaysia. Cope panel cooler unit aesthetically integrate into the assembly to maintain temperature stability and control as well as and humidity protection, normal operation of sensitive electronic equipment without unwanted interruption.

Compressor Motor

The compressor motor plays a key role in the refrigeration cycle and in air conditioning systems at home. This cycle is continuous and ensures that the system stays cool all the time. The compressor in the refrigeration systems compresses gas and heats up after compression.

Air Ducting & Ventilation

We provide a clean Air ducting HVAC system that offers many benefits such as increased energy savings, reduction in fire and explosion risk, reduced product contamination and improved health standards.


Cold Room System

Our Cool Room System product category features automatic controls for air conditioning systems and refrigeration parts, which can help you make significant savings on electrical or energy costs while also enhancing the overall performance of your system.


Cooling Tower

Our range of products in the cooling tower category includes the FRP induced Draft Cooling Tower Round Model, FRP induced draft cooling tower square model, wooden induced draft cooling tower and others. You can choose between the round type and cross type of cooling tower.

Vibration Springs / Heat Exchanger

Vibration springs are small parts having springs installed on the footing of a motor or machine that protect the machine or motor, and ultimately save machine maintenance cost.

 Our Product & Service


Variety brand of compressor for your choice


Air Cooled Chiller

Heavy duty Air cooling system

Water Cooled Chiller

Heavy duty Water cooling system


Panel Aircond

Cool off your electronic components


Portable Aircond

Having cooling comfort to your desired spot

Reduces and maintains the level of humidity

Oil Chiller

Exclusive for oil cooling

Cooling Tower

Industrial used heat rejection device


Ventilation Ducting

Custom made ducting and fittings for ventilation, heating and air-conditioning circulation

Brazed Type and Shell In Tube Type Heat Exchanger
Transfer heat between two or more fluids

Parts & Accessories

Variety choice of HVAC spare parts

Services & Maintenance

Maintenance is carried out to ensure the up and running of your equipments

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